This Hand Sign Accurately Describes The Friend Zone


Rejection sucks. When an individual proclaims their love for someone else and they don’t reciprocate those feelings, it can potentially upset the ecosystem. It feels like you’re suffering from embarrassment when you tell a friend that you see them in more of a romantic way. Not only is the one who gets rejected affected, but also the person who rejects their friend feels ashamed of their actions. When you turn down your friend, you automatically assume that now the other person sees you as a complete bitch. It’s a hard situation for everyone.

In today’s society, it seems as if we have to have a symbol for everything. Peace symbol, political party symbols, gender symbols for bathrooms, and now let’s all welcome the friend zone symbol.

A Reddit user, Dro2614, recently came up with this logo for the Friend Zone. It’s a symbol with one hand giving a thumbs up and the other hand shaped as half of a heart, which pretty accurately portrays the friend zone. The logo was viewed more than two million times in 15 hours on Imgur.

One person commented, “We’re watching the birth of a legend. Potentially this will soon become an emoji.” There’s an emoji of basically every hand sign. Of course this will eventually become a new emoji.

[via BBC]

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