This Heartbreaking Video About Kylie Jenner Will Make You Stop Judging Her


I don’t like Kylie Jenner. It’s not because I think she’s gross for dating Tyga, has had too much plastic surgery, or any of the other millions of mean things people hurl her way. I dislike her because with her age, show, brand, and fan base she could be doing so much good, but she isn’t.

Maybe everyone, myself included, expects too much of her. I mean after all, she is only eighteen. I think a lot of us forget that sometimes. She’s lived the vast majority of her life in the spotlight. Since she was ten she’s been thrust into the media with “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” and ever since then, she’s been the object of criticism. She’s spent her teen years having everything about her nit-picked and judged. She’s constantly compared to Kendall, who everyone says is so naturally beautiful, and I can only imagine how insecure she must feel. I have an older sister who is beautiful and I have always felt less than when compared to her. The main difference is, no one actually told me I wasn’t as good. Everyone, including all the awful, nasty internet trolls, continues to tell her how much better Kendall is.

And then I came across this video. So simplistic in nature, but so powerful. One of the make-up videos from Kylie’s app is played in reverse with insults about her appearance being played over it. The point is that as the insults continue and become progressively more mean spirited and vicious, Kylie is stripped of her cosmetics and self-esteem. The end of the video leaves her completely makeup-less, exposed, and vulnerable. My heart breaks for her.


Everyone has insecurities. But most of us are lucky enough not have to have our biggest insecurities pointed out to us on an hourly basis. Kylie isn’t so lucky. Maybe she isn’t using her popularity how I think I would, but the fact of the matter is that I will never be in Kylie’s shoes. I sit here, we sit here, and judge a girl who only just turned 18 and somehow expect more from her than we expect from ourselves. And then we criticize her and mock her. We call her plastic and ugly. What does that say about us? Maybe we are the ones who need to change.

I rescind my earlier comment. I don’t like or dislike Kylie; I don’t know her so I won’t judge her.

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