This Holiday Season, Give (Or Receive) The Gift Of Orgasm


The next time your boyfriend asks you what you want for Christmas, don’t let him off easy by saying you want jewelry. You know he’ll just pick out the first thing he sees and you’ll have to pretend to love whatever gaudy, tacky statement necklace he blindly chooses. Ask for a gift that you’ll really, truly love. Ask for a gift you deserve. Ask for an orgasm.

OMGYes is an online service brought to you by the Kinsey Institute, the nerds who are responsible for every statistic you’ve ever heard about sex. OMGYes promises to “teach the art of the female orgasm” using both video and digitally-stimulated tutorials.

Yeah, you read that right, digitally-stimulated. As you touch, the screen, the mouse, whatever, you’ll get feedback in real time so you can fine tune your finger skills.

They collected data from over 2,000 women to find out what really makes women, all women, reach that peak.

For a one-time $29 fee, your boyfriend will have access to the site’s season one tutorials, which include concepts like edging, multiple orgasm (yes please), and consistency.

Alone for the holidays? Don’t worry, you can have an orgasm too! OMGYes is for everyone, and even if you’ve had orgasms before, there’s always room for improvement.

Pleasure is the gift that keeps on giving, and giving, and ohmigodrightthere yes yes YES!!!!

Get it here. Thank me later.

[via Elite Daily]

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