This Hot Couple’s Adventure Video Will Make You Hate Your Boyfriend


Jay and Alexis are just your normal, young and in love couple. They cook together, they laugh together, and they travel together. Except when they travel, it isn’t to their cousin’s wedding in Wisconsin. It isn’t on some Carnival cruise where they drink premade margs and drunkenly fight of the deck of the ship when he doesn’t want to take a “Titanic” inspired photo. No, when they travel, they freaking travel.

Now normally I don’t care about beautiful couples doing cool things, but this couple is different. Maybe it’s their blatant disregard for safety when jumping off of cliffs. Maybe it’s the way they included clips of them doing normal, couple things. Maybe it’s because Jay has eyes that could bring a dead puppy back to life. I don’t know what it is, but I like it. A lot. And you will too.

Pretty much all they did was jump into water, fuck, and stare dreamily into the camera. Oh, and DJ. And playfully push each other. And eat. And skydive while riding on inflatable dolphins. And drive dogs around in golf carts. So you know, basically all of our relationships.

A photo posted by ALEXIS REN (@alexisren) on

I see you Jay and Alexis. I see you.

Image via Youtube / Jay Alvarrez

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