This Instagram Account Is Filled With Hot Guys And Cute Puppies, And It’s Literally Making Us Drool

Hot Guys And Dogs

Puppies and hot guys. What a combination, right? I don’t care who you are, when one of those things walk by, you immediately stare, poke your friend, and let out a quiet “awww.” You can’t help it. They’re both cute, cuddly, and fun to play with. Sure, the prettiest ones usually aren’t the smartest breeds out there, but damn, are they fun to look at. Yes, I’m talking about the hot guys. Obviously.

So, when I came across an Instagram that highlighted both of those things, I was instantly hooked. That’s right. Picture after picture of delicious looking men holding adorable looking puppies. I’ll wait while you dry off your seat. It’s literally called hotdudeswithdogs and it. is. everything. Warning, you might start excessive “double tapping” because these are just that good.

Man’s best friend or man’s best wingman? Either works, really.

I’ll have what the dog is having. A sexy ass man that feeds me.

Accepting kisses I see? Me next! Me next!

Room for one more?

You don’t need those hater blockers because literally everyone loves you

[via Instagram]

Image via Shutterstock

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