This Instagram Account Will Simultaneously Inspire You And Make You Hate Yourself

Crafting is a bitch. I don’t care who you are. When you have to sit down for hours (okay days, okay weeks) with a paintbrush, some acrylics, and the very last bit of your sanity to create something that will evidently be under appreciated, you realize crafting is the devil.

That being said, sorority girls are expected to craft. It’s literally in the sorority girl handbook. “Own some pearls, throw what you know, craft a shit ton of shit.” Unfortunately for most of us, crafting isn’t a “gift.” We spill the paint, we manage to get hair stuck in a wet canvas, and our coolers never get more than 50 “likes.” It’s hard to find inspiration for something that makes us feel like talentless assholes. As an anti-crafter, I get it. But then I found Seb Lester’s Instagram. His use of calligraphy, clean lines, and paint pens is enough to make us drool. You might have seen his work thanks to this recently viral video,

A video posted by Seb Lester (@seblester) on

Ugh. It’s so perfect it almost hurts. There’s more, though. His page is littered with recognizable logos, beautiful phrases, and inspiration quotes that will actually make you want to grab a brush and try to make, well, something. Consider it “sorority girl porn.” Just not the one that your boyfriend Googles when you’re not in the mood.

A video posted by Seb Lester (@seblester) on

A video posted by Seb Lester (@seblester) on

A video posted by Seb Lester (@seblester) on

Who would have thought that watching someone write words would be so damn thrilling? For the first time in, ever, I actually want to grab a pen and start doodling. Who knows? Maybe those graduation gifts wont be so hard after all. Oh, but if you ever want to make some cash, Seb, I have a few coolers just waiting to be written on.

[via Buzzfeed, Instagram]

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