This Is Exactly What Basic Sorority Girls Will Be Like When They’re Moms (Video)


Every now and again (read: every month), I usually think about motherhood. When I’m reaching my little brown pills at the end of my sin-pack, I wonder if this is it. Will my pharmaceuticals let me down? Will my vagina be changed forever? Will I store a little human in my belly instead of just Chipotle? As I pray for my period, I imagine what my life would be like if my birth control failed, my wine supply had to be dumped, and I brought little, mini-versions of myself into this world.

Would I stop binging on Netflix and having my afternoon box of chardonnay? Would I stop calling my girls my squad? Would I stop being the basic bitch independent woman that I am, and turn into something else?

Basically, I thought it would be hell. Trade-my-car-in-for-a-van-and-wear-adult-diapars hell. But it turns out, it won’t. Thanks to the most hilarious videos I think I have ever seen, it’s obvious that while you can take the basic girl out of college, you can’t take the college out of the basic girl

Sorry not sorry. IDGAF about those thirsty girls.

The struggle is always real. But always worth it.

Byeeee salty side-chicks.

I don’t know if the advertiser who thought up these marketing strategies was in Greek life, currently drunk, or just an all around genius, but I wish I could kiss him (or her #equality) on their face. Thanks for making me realize I can still be on fleek, even when I accidentally-on-purpose get knocked up. We won’t be like other moms. We’ll be cool moms. #Blessed

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Rachel Varina

(yeahokaywhat) Aspiring to be the next Tina Fey, Rachel spends her free time doing nothing to reach that goal. While judging people based on how they use "they're" vs. "there" on social media, she likes eating buffalo chicken dip, watching other people's Netflix, and wearing sweatpants way more than is socially acceptable.

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