This Is Family Is So Much Funnier Than Yours


The internet is really good at a lot of things. It helps you stay in contact with friends (and keep tabs on exes). It helps you stay up to date on current events (read: any and all Kardashian breakups). But most importantly it helps you compare your life to other peoples’ lives in every way possible. We’re used to seeing people who are skinnier, have better hair, sweeter boyfriends, cuter dogs, so on and so forth. But until now, I hadn’t seen a family that made me want to physically drive mine out into the desert and just leave them there forever.

Until now.

The “Eh Bee” family is quickly making the “Christmas Jammies” family look like a bunch of mouth breathers. While also consisting of a mom, dad, son, and daughter, the Eh Bee’s have managed to do something that most of us can’t: get a shit ton of likes on social media without selling their souls/dignity. Even though they like to keep their identities as private as possible, they have over a billion views thanks to their viral, six second Vine videos. Ranging from “Kidz Bop” to making fun of Tumblr posts, this. family. kills. In a recent Facebook post they compiled some of their best Vines of all time and it is exactly what you needed to see in this life.

Our Family's Funniest Moments…

Posted by Eh Bee on Wednesday, June 24, 2015

They have tons of hits on their Vine page and their Twitter is getting stronger by the second. But I think their biggest accomplishment is making us all hate our own parents while simultaneously falling in love with them. Talk about #familygoals.

[via Facebook]

Image via Youtube / Eh Bee Family

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