This Is Not A Drill: You Can Now Study At Hogwarts

Harry Potter

You turned eleven and waited. You perked up when you heard an owl hoot. You glanced down the street when a light mysteriously shut off. Your heart pounded a little harder when you received something in the mail.

Unfortunately, it never came. That one letter.

Even though you were a die hard fan, completely dedicated, and looked awesome in a witch’s hat, your acceptance letter to Hogwarts never arrived. Or it got lost in the mail. Or whatever, it’s not a big deal but you don’t want to talk about it. Eventually, you gave up hope. You grew up. You fell in love and realized that you sounded kind of insane for discussing the merits of Snape with potential suitors. You had to accept the fact that you were a muggle, through and through. A little part of you, however, always kind of wished that things went a little differently.

But wait, plot twist, IT’S NOT TOO LATE. That’s right. There is literally a wizard school and you can actually attend it. It’s okay. We’re all hyperventilating right now.

Basically it’s a four-day experience in Poland at the Czocha Castle. And while they say it’s not related to “Harry Potter” it’s obviously a giant fan fest. According to the website, it’s described as,

College of Wizardry is a four-day Wizard School larp event, where you can act out your dreams of being a student witch or wizard at a beautiful fairytale castle in Poland. Surrounded by around 130 like-minded people, at College of Wizardry you will:

• Attend classes as a witch or wizard and learn the magical arts
• Be selected to represent one of the five ancient Houses of Czocha Castle
• Explore the castle and meet the magical creatures that roam the grounds
• Make new friends and form long lasting bonds with like-minded people
• Get into discussions, stir up shenanigans, and play games
• Perhaps even a little (in-character) romance?
• Spend 3 nights at a castle in Poland and have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure

In-character romance? Uh, break me off a piece of Neville Longbottom and I’m in. Apparently the two sessions happening is April are already filled, but there’s one in November, and it only costs $345. Which is basically nothing since you’ll be learning magic and can conjure up your own money after that. The group has also created a crowd funding campaign so that they can eventually buy their own castle, NBD. To help spread the word, the “experience” has created a video, and I must say, it’s something else.



Yeah. So, while it kind of looks like a giant geek-fest, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime geek-fest. Pack your bags and pass the (spiked) pumpkin juice, because we’re going to Hogwarts.

[via, Popsugar]

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