This Is Potentially The Most Amazing College Campus In The Country

Located in High Point, North Carolina, this small university of about four thousand students has spent over seven hundred million dollars on refurbishments in recent years. The money went toward amenities such as a movie theater showing first-run films with complimentary snacks, a coin-free arcade, an ice cream truck, a putting green, and a sports bar, all provided for students, completely free of charge. A box of Godiva chocolates is sent to each student as they’re notified that they’ve received a scholarship. The students can also attend the on-campus steakhouse to learn how to behave in a formal setting.

Look no further than the hashtag #highpointuniversity on Instagram to see the pristine campus, gourmet food, several pools and hot tubs, and other luxuries rarely seen on a college campus. When the students find time to study between knocking strokes off their put and taking in a new film, they can do so by one of the fireplaces in the library. If there were fireplaces in my school’s library there would no longer be a library, as our fraternity population has proven time and time again that they cannot be trusted around fire. Though there are only 6 IFC fraternities and 6 Panhellinic sororities at High Point, Greek life is a big aspect of student life on campus. Not surprisingly, their Greek village rivals that of much larger schools.

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Unfortunately, High Point’s current academic reputation doesn’t quite live up to the awesome amenities which is something the university is working hard to re-vamp. So is the school a four-year joke for students looking for a good time, or are all of the fancy, over-the-top extras just a hook to attract desirable potential students to their small, relatively unheard of institution?

College is typically the time in a young person’s life where they’re gaining independence, eating ramen, trying to remember to pay bills on time, living in a shit-hole apartment with several roommates, and having the time of their lives regardless of all of that. Bad dining hall food and dorm life is a freshman rite of passage. I wouldn’t trade my typical college experience for anything, but I wouldn’t say no to a movie theater or a steakhouse on campus either.

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