This Is The Most Scandalous Big-Little Sex Story You’ll Ever Read


The theme for that night’s swap was “Neon or Not on” and I looked like an ’80s workout girl that Ke$ha threw up on. Needless to say, my outfit was a hit. My big was dressed in a similar fashion and we were the dynamic duo of the party that night. We had just recently become big and little so we were treating everything as a celebration of our undying love for each other and were inseparable. At about 2am, a guy she’d been hooking up with texted her to let her know it looked like we were having a fun night together. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, and he invited us over to postgame. We readily accepted the allure of more booze and were off to a different frat house.

Before we knew it, we were ushered up to one of the brother’s rooms. There was a group of about five or six guys just chilling, drinking, and smoking. Since it’s rude to turn down free drugs, when they offered us a hit, we naturally obliged. As all bigs and littles, but especially newly paired bigs and littles do, we tirelessly bored the guys about our obsession for one another, when one of them decided to attempt to make it interesting for himself.

“Bet you two won’t make out with each other.”

Challenge accepted.

I’m not sure how long we made out for, but when we finally stopped, there were only two guys in there with us. I guess that’s who the group had collectively decided we were going to hook up with. Things progressed and we coupled up into our separate beds. One thing led to another and we all started having sex with our respective partners. I know, you came here for the most scandalous sorority sex story ever, and while this doesn’t qualify as “normal,” it’s also not exactly the most scandalous. Don’t worry. I’m getting there.

Suddenly, the guy fucking my big two feet away from me uttered what must have been the single most daring question I’d ever heard: “Do you guys wanna switch?” Somewhere along the lines we changed the theme of the night from “Neon or Not On” to “Say Yes To Everything,” because switch we did. That’s right, my big and I had sex with two of the same guys. In the same night. In the same room. Isn’t that how everyone bonds with their big? No? Just us?

After that, the rest is history. We wake up with no memory of what happened and I proceed to puke in front of an unsuspecting family. Pretty casual Thursday night if you ask me.

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