This Is The Number Of People You Should Tell Your Partner You’ve Slept With

Your “number” is your own business and you should sleep with however many people your little slutty or prude heart desires. It really doesn’t matter and it’s no one’s business besides your own. But when you start seeing someone new and they (stupidly) ask what your number is, that’s when the panic sets in.

You’re comfortable with your number, but you’re not sure if they would be comfortable hearing your number. If your number is small, you don’t want them to think that you’re not experienced enough. If your number is bigger, you don’t want them to think you’re promiscuous, which by the way is a totally acceptable way to live your life in college. As long as you’re regularly tested, your number shouldn’t matter, but it does. As much as we say we won’t judge, we do. And you know your partner will judge a little too.

So we lie. It’s a white lie, but it’s still a lie. We pick a number out of thin air that sounds high enough to indicate sexual experience, but not high enough to make him think we’d just put out for anyone. Before, this has always been somewhat of a guessing game, but scientists have recently discovered the perfect “Goldilocks” number of past sexual partner that sounds just right to potential future lovers.

That number is ten. Ten sexual partners. Not too little, but not too big. Ten sexual partners is just what your new boy toy wants to hear when he asks you, “so what’s your number?”

And it’s also what you want to hear from him. The study determined that “men and women agreed 10 sexual partners were enough to provide an individual with a decent level of experience without being promiscuous.”

Finally, the two sexes agree on something.

The study comes out of the UK site for extramarital dating, The study also found that “anyone who slept with over 20 partners was considered the least desirable, despite having the most sexual experience.”

Well, fuck those results. You shouldn’t let a silly little thing like your number get in the way of pursuing a relationship with someone. Once again, as long as you’ve been tested, it shouldn’t matter how many people you’ve slept with. The poll even found that only 35 percent of women and 30 percent of men polled were interested in actually knowing the precise sexual history of their partners. So he shouldn’t want to know your number in the first place!

But if he insists, tell him ten.

[via Elite Daily]

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