This Is What 17 Celebrities Were Like In School


Celebrities are elite members of society, but not all of them were born that way. Some were just normal students like us waiting for their big break. Some classmates and teachers dished the dirt on what these celebrities were like when they were in school.

From Reddit:

1. Taylor Swift

Before my middle school vice principal was at my school, he was the principal of the middle school or elementary school Taylor Swift went to. She used to leave early for singing lessons. He didn’t like this very much and once told her that singing would get her nowhere.

Insert foot into mouth.

2. Will Ferrell

My AP Econ teacher said her was in the same fraternity as Will Ferrell, and apparently whenever they had a party he would disappear for a few minutes and then start streaking. He also said that once a professor gave him a bad grade on a test that would have caused him to re-take the class so he started streaking until the professor changed the grade.

That literally happened in one of his movies.

3. Britney Spears

My 5th grade english teacher had Britney Spears in her class. She said she was a sweet girl but kinda bratty from what I can remember. It always bothered her that Britney says she is from Louisiana but spent years in McComb, MS as a child, which she never mentions.

It’s like everything I’ve ever known is a lie.

4. Kanye West

I hate when people do this, but still; I’m not a teacher, but my high school environmental sciences teacher had a wife who taught high school chemistry to Kayne West. She said he was a very nice, smart, and respectful young man. Which means both of them believe his behavior now is an act to get more people to talk about him.

See?! He’s not such a bad guy after all.

5. Justin Bieber

I was in Stratford, Ontario and ran into someone who used to be Justin Bieber’s nanny. From what I gathered he was an entitled little shit and always tried to impress girls by playing guitar and stuff.

Well, duh.

6. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio—didn’t get along well with the other kids, came in during lunch to eat with the teachers and faculty.

Definitely not the ladies man I expected him to be.

7. Lady Gaga

One of my professors taught Lady Gaga at NYU. She said Gaga used to stand up after class every day and tell everyone to come out and see the gigs she was playing in. Lady Gaga wasn’t doing very well in the class, so my professor asked to meet with her. She told her that maybe if she focused more on her school work and less on her gigs, she’d be more successful…Awkward…


8. Jason Sudeikis

One of my high school teachers went to high school with Jason Sudeikis and apparently they still hang out. He said Jason was a generally cool dude, funny and well-liked but generally under the radar. For reference, Paul Rudd went to the same high school and is essentially the school’s golden boy while Sudeikis is liked, but much less acknowledged.

Umm, where is this dream high school and how can I infiltrate it?

9. Brad Pitt

My media teacher told me that Brad Pitt was a douchebag. All the teachers that had him for a student seemed to hate him.

They were probably just jealous.

10. Taylor Lautner

Not a teacher, but Taylor Lautner was my desk partner in 3rd grade. He was the one who pseudo-taught me the word “fuck.” (My parents were pretty conservative and I had never heard it before. He had it written in his textbook from a previous student, and when he secretly showed me I thought it was a funny made up word and yelled it for the entire class to hear. Pointing and laughing ensued.)

Who knew Shark Boy would be so mischievous?

11. Bill Nye

My boyfriend’s mom knew Bill Nye, he asked her out while on a unicycle. She said no.

Poor guy.

12. Barack Obama

A family friend of mine was president Barack Obama’s basketball coach in middle school. Barry got cut from the basketball team the first year he tried out, he could not shoot that well…

I guess ball wasn’t life for “Barry.”

13. Fergie

My grandma taught Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas in high school. She said she was really nice, but was gone a lot for modeling stuff.

She was too ~*glamorous*~ for high school.

14. Nicki Minaj

My geometry teacher taught Nicki Minaj. She would never really come to class, she was always in the stairwell rapping and such, but she was a decent student.

If I had a nickel for every time I skipped class to rap in the stairwell…

15. Steve Carrell

My High school Theater teacher had dated Steve Carell in college and she still talks to him on a regular basis. He is exactly how you would imagine. Nothing is sacred to him, and everything is funny… or else he will make it that way. He was apparently kind of an angry young man as well, and had the “the world owes me for my talents” attitude.

“Hi I’m Date Mike. Nice to meet me.”

16. LeBron James

My 4th grade math teacher also taught LeBron James. She said he was obsessed with basketball. When asked what he was going to be when he grew up he said he was going to be in the NBA. When she told him he needed a back up plan he just looked in to her soul and said “No, I’m going to be in the NBA.”

Damn. In fourth grade I wanted to be a singer and we all know how well that went.

17. Paris Hilton

Although he was only a classmate, my cousin went to middle school with Paris Hilton for a couple years. Apparently she was a bitch then too, and just as snobby. Dated high schoolers in 7th grade and just acted better than everyone.


[via Reddit]

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