This New Sex Toy Will Get You Off Like Never Before — Seriously, It’s Like A Robot Sex Machine

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Ladies, have you ever felt unsure of what to do…down there? Ever been down there so long your hand starts to cramp up? Has loving yourself become a chore? Well, worry no more, because a new sex toy is here to take all the pressure off of your hands, pun absolutely intended.

Allow me to introduce the Glov, a new sex toy that you can wear on your hand in order to change the way you play. It even comes in a fierce, fuschia color!

Basically, it takes all the pressure off of your wrist and allows you to plug interchangeable sex toys into the glove for a more intuitive, hands-on experience. You’ll not only look like Michael Jackson, but it’ll help you “Beat It” and you’ll “Ease On Down The Road” until you just “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough.” So if you “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’,” Glov makes it as easy as “ABC.”

According to the fine makers of Glov, it’s hypoallergenic and nontoxic, comfortable and flexible, offers great motor and precision control, has up to a three-hour battery life, is easy to clean, and is 100 percent waterproof. At least, we hope so.

The makers of Glov are taking this project to Indiegogo, and they are hoping to raise $38,000. So far, they’re up to $510, but hey, they only launched a couple days ago. For an $89 “Early Supporter Arousal” donation, you get the Glov along with the rabbit attachment and organic, personal lubricant! They’re hoping to deliver these products by December 2014, so if you need a holiday present for your bestie, something for a bridal party, or even a gift for Great Aunt Florence, I suggest you donate now.

Check it out HERE if you’re interested. It seems like a pretty cool device, if you’re into that sort of thing–which I am.

[via Daily Dot]

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