This #NotThere Campaign Is Something Every Female In America Needs To Get Behind

Not there

Did you know that you don’t get paid for maternity leave?

Seriously. The United States of America is one of only nine countries that doesn’t pay you while you’re exhausted, struggling, and trying to figure out how to keep another human alive. I was literally shocked when I found that out. Now, I’m not one to sit on this side of the screen and preach things at you. There’s a reason why I wanted to get into comedy as opposed to reporting. But when things happen in the world that affect the goals I’m trying to achieve, well, yeah — I wanna know. And you should, too.

On Sunday, March 8, otherwise known as International Women’s Day, a campaign called #NotThere started blowing up on social media. What it hopes to show is that even though strides have been made in gender equality, we’re not there yet. Don’t believe me? According to extensive research done by Hillary Clinton’s No Ceilings project, despite the fact that women earn more college degrees than men, we only make up 5 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs. And while we’re working, we make $.78 to every man’s $1. And that’s in the country we call home, which is mind-blowing. The Clinton Foundation is one of the main leaders in this, but it’s not all about politics. Some of our favorite comedians, actresses, and publications are in full support of this movement. They’ve all come together to show their desire to make this happen. How did they do it? By not coming together. By not showing up. By not being there…yet.

Pretty insane, huh? As a woman, I honestly had no idea. As I’m becoming an adult in the workforce, I want to make sure I’m being viewed as an equal, because according to the research, most women are not. The campaign has made its way to Twitter, and it has asked people to express how we’re #NotThere yet:

Isn’t it time we get there? Together, we can. For more information, visit the #NotThere website. So, how do you, as a strong, vivacious college woman, feel that we’re #NotThere yet? Comment below, and let’s all start working toward a better, more equal tomorrow.

[via No Ceilings, Not There]

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