This One Hundred And Three Year Old Woman Accredits Volunteering For Her Longevity

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Meet Mary Cotter. She’s just like you and me. She loves a good theme, is the life of the party, and keeps up volunteer hours. The only difference? Mary is one hundred and three. This BAB (boss-ass-bitch), just celebrated her birthday while doing her usual volunteering at the local nursing home. That’s right, Mary volunteers there, helps people younger than her, then drives home where she lives on her own.

While every 100-something has their own secret as to what has kept them kicking for so long, Mary says her secret is to, “just keep busy I guess.” And she does keep busy. Mary volunteers at the nursing home five days a week, no matter what.

If that’s the case, I think most of us crazies with packed agendas will be just fine. So next time you find yourself complaining about all those philanthropy hours, just think that it could quite literally be keeping you alive.


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