This Pi Phi’s Instagram Will Make You Hate Your Own Social Media

Drink Around The World

If there are two things basic bitches love (besides hate stalking our boyfriend’s ex and obsessing out pizza) it’s traveling and alcohol. Those two things are, not only, the happiest things in the world, but that make for killer Instagram posts. Studying in Europe? Snap a pic of your glass of wine in front of a scenic canal and get ready to rake in the fucking likes. It’s a solid, foolproof social media tactic, and one graduated sorority girl has made it into an empire.

Lauren Winant, a graduated Pi Phi from the University of Central Florida, had the idea for the perfect Instagram account when she was living abroad.

After college I didn’t know what else to do with my life, so naturally I moved to China. When I got home that summer and was in the process of getting my visa to Spain I was lounging in the pool and was like,’hmm a travel Instagram account would be cool.’ I typed in “drinkaroundtheworld” and boom, it wasn’t used so I decided to take full advantage of that! What else would biggest partier two years in a row in Pi Phi be doing with her life? I love traveling and enjoying an adult beverage(s) along the way. To be honest, I don’t have specific goals for the account right now. I’d love for it to keep growing and love when people send me pictures, even if they’re shit.

See? Even if your pictures suck (but let’s be real, they don’t ) she still likes them! So what’s the fuss about anyways? Behold, drinkaroundtheworld. The most envy-worthy Instagram to date.

Friday night lights | 📷: @annawhalen | #Cheers #BottomsUp #DrinkAroundTheWorld

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Rise & shine it's wodka time 🌞 #YesWodka #HairOfTheBull #WhatsWork #Krakow

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The mixure of ~wanderlust~ and getting wasted makes for the absolute perfect social media goldmine. And the best part? When you submit pictures, Lauren tags you in the final product, so you can become just as insta famous as she is. Talk about a win-win. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pour a glass of wine, stalk these photos, and pretend I don’t spend everyday of my life watching Netflix instead of exploring the world.

[via drinkaroundtheworld]

Image via drinkaroundtheworld

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