This Sigma Chi Lived An INCREDIBLE Life Before Dying Too Young

Johnny Strange, a former Sigma Chi at USC, was a daredevil. He was the youngest person to ever climb what is known as the Seven Summits. For those (like me) who don’t know what that is, he climbed the tallest mountains on each of the seven continents, including some names you might have heard like Mt. Everest and Mt. Kilimanjaro…by the time he was 17, right around the time your biggest accomplishment was losing your virginity at prom.

Since then, the 23-year-old has stayed incredibly active and adventurous, and wrangled up a pretty dope Instagram.

My favorite way to enter #gkcfest @gkcworldwide #GKC #GKCfest2015

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You know it's fresh when you watched it die

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Throwing aerials into the #GKCpoolparty this weekend. Stoked for this video to come out! #GKC @trevor.jacob

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Just hanging off the wing of an airplane about to jump into Las Vegas.

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One of his favorite activities was wingsuiting. In case you were wondering, that means you put on a suit that gives you wings, and then you fly. Like you literally fly. It looks like this.

@jondevore took this shot of @seanmaccormac and I discussing the finer things in life. #we #love #flying #wingsuits

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After getting good, Strange started up “proximity wingsuiting,” where he’d fly close to mountains or through tight spaces, and unfortunately, this week in Switzerland, he got into an accident that killed him, but no one can ever say he had a life unlived.

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Veronica Ruckh

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