This Sorority Girl At Penn State Had The Frattiest Engagement Of All Time


From the time she’s born, a girl dreams of her engagement. She mentally plans out all of the details – where it will be, what she’ll be wearing, and whether or not she’ll ugly cry. Hands down one of the biggest aspects she daydreams about, however, is how the lucky SOB will ask. She hopes that her guy will be the thoughtful type who actually gives a shit and tries to make it cute. For most of us, that dream doesn’t become a reality. The majority of engagements are rushed, slightly awkward, and give you the feeling of “what now?” Kind of like the sex you have with the person who proposed. Ironic.

For one sorority girl, however, her dream engagement actually came true, because life isn’t fair.

Chris Burnside and Priscilla Marsala have been close friends since middle school and began dating their junior year of high school. In 2011, they both headed off to Penn State, where they became involved in Greek life – Chris, as a member and eventual President of Phi Kappa Tau, and Priscilla as a sister of Gamma Phi Beta, a Panhellenic delegate. They both served on their respective Greek councils, so Greek life was a “thing” in their relationship.

When Chris decided to propose to Priscilla, obviously their beloved brothers and sisters had to be involved. According to Onward State, it went down like this:

Burnside worked hard to plan a memory that would last forever for Marsala. To perfect the moment, he asked family members and friends to guide the path from her apartment to the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity house. Each of the 17 individuals gave Marsala a rose and a hand-written promise from Burnside. When she finally reached the porch of the house, Burnside was waiting to read the final promise as a friend played the violin. The last promise came with a lily, Marsala’s favorite flower. Then, Burnside got down on one knee. Marsala immediately started to cry and, too excited to speak, nodded her head to say “yes.”

According to the future groom, there was no question that he was going to propose at Phi Kappa Tau, telling Onward State:

Trying to incorporate Phi Kappa Tau into the proposal is something that I really wanted. Both Priscilla and I would agree that our best friends are members of Phi Tau. Since we’ve been together all of college, her personality has rubbed off on the chapter. She was jokingly given the nickname ‘First Lady’ while I served as President and was also elected as our ‘Sweetheart’ this past year.

Well done, Chris. Well done.

[via Onward State]

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