This Summer Job Where You Get Paid To Just Drink Wine Is Goals

This Summer Job Where You Get Paid To Just Drink Wine Is Goals

Unless you achieved the ever-elusive ring by spring, your parents are probably nagging you about your summer plans and whether they include a job so you’ll stop using their credit card for “gas” and “emergencies” (they get the statements, so it’s probably time to give up the act on that one). While most of our summer goals include going to music festivals, lounging by the pool, and drinking copious amounts of wine to deal with the fact that we’ll be back in our hometowns for the next three months, unfortunately, these aren’t exactly paying positions. Unless, of course, you work at Underwood.

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You may know Underwood as the maker of canned wines that are somehow both surprisingly delicious for coming in an inexpensive can and look great on Instagram. This summer, Union Wine Company (the creator of Underwood) is hiring for a Canbassador position – if you were on the fence about applying, this this IG-worthy pun probably just sealed the deal. You’ll get paid to travel all over the U.S. this summer to promote Underwood canned wine at music festivals and events while sharing photos on social media. Since this is what you were planning to do anyway, making it happen both with a salary and an all-expenses paid summer of travel couldn’t sound better. The job pays between $15-18/hour, so forget about that unpaid internship your dad wanted you to take with the City Council – this seriously couldn’t be better.

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You can apply here (, but hurry – applications close on May 7, so be sure to polish up your resume and delete all photos from your social media of you drinking anything other than canned wine. Move over Franzia, because we’ve just found our new favorite way to consume alcohol – out of a can, and getting paid to do so.

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