This Vibrating Bra Will Give You Bigger Boobs Without Surgery


Things are looking up for members of the IBTC. Sure, some of us are fine with having mosquito bites for tits. But the rest of us? We dream of getting free drinks purely for our milk jugs. We long for the day a guy stares at our chest instead of at our personalities. And more than anything, we wish we didn’t have to pay $7,000 so we can throw away our bombshell bras.

While everyone else was off ignoring us, however, one person was listening.

Daily Mail reports that a 30-year-old man named Milan Milić has created a bra that will give us big tits in only seven days. He got the idea when his girlfriend started complaining that she wished he had bigger boobs (as we do). Since he’s an engineering-student-turned-security-guard, he thought to himself, “why don’t I make a vibrating bra to shut my girlfriend up and avoid the insanely expensive surgery fees that are in my future?”

So he did. And the biggest shocker? The bra works. Like really, really works.

Milan’s girlfriend’s breasts grew a cup size after only one week. Basically, you wear this vibrating bra for five minutes, three times a day, and viola! You’ll have big boobs! Apparently it has something to do with blood circulation or something, but honestly? Who really cares how it works, as long as it works.

The bra has been tested in Europe and is now in the US, and it has yet to fail. The couple is just waiting for a university to run a clinical test and then it will be on the market and helping insecure women everywhere.

From Daily Mail:

The bra is currently named E Bra and the couple are hoping to produce it in all sizes and have it on sale next year, however they have yet to decide on a price.

Milan added, ‘For me this is not about the money this is about the female body. The female body is a very beautiful thing and this is about enhancing it in a natural way. In every test we’ve done there’s been a very big psychological improvement as well as a physical improvement.

Let’s all hope that this product doesn’t run into any problems and that soon we can all complain about how annoyinggggg it is to have big breasts. The world of free drinks, doubling up on sports bras, and always having cleavage is but a sketchy, vibrating bra away!

And hey, if that doesn’t work, at least you have a good personality, right?

[via Daily Mail, Elite Daily]

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