This Video Of Elizabeth Taylor Doing Her Eye Makeup Will Make You Rethink Everything


Every girl has a makeup routine that she knows backward and forward, but hopefully mostly forward, since the only time going backward is really necessary just when you mess up your eyeliner so badly that you have to start all over again. No one wants to start their morning redoing their eyeliner for the third time, but sometimes tragedy strikes and there’s no other choice but to go out looking like a raccoon or start from scratch. This isn’t to say that everyone has a complicated makeup routine that takes three hours every single morning. For some of us, that routine takes about fifteen minutes and consists of three products, maximum. I really appreciate my sleep and tend to run out the door to work with my face naked except for mascara and powder. Sometimes, it feels like I’m missing out on all the fun new products available that can do anything from contouring to making your eyes look like Bambi’s.

A new video has recently surfaced of Elizabeth Taylor doing her eye makeup, and what I found most mesmerizing was the fact that it took about ten seconds. Who knows how long it took to do her whole face, granted, but the time it takes for her to swipe on eyeshadow, crease, and then liner, all with a tiny brush, is shorter than the time it takes me just to finish one cat eye. Elizabeth Taylor is an icon in her own right, but her signature smoky eye was an enormous part of that identity.

If true elegance is simplicity, then no one does it better than her. There’s something both refreshing and hypnotic about the way she brushes color over her eyes and then tilts her face down to make sure she got it absolutely perfect in the mirror. You did, Ms. Taylor. You’re flawless.

[via Cosmopolitan]

Image via YouTube

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