This Website Will Help You Pick The Right College Major For You


Think back to the beginning of your freshman year. Everything was so exciting. With brand new people and brand new classes, opportunity was swirling around you at every minute. About 50 percent of the people you met were pre-med or something else equally as hard. The other 50 percent wanted to “explore their options” (AKA take a bunch of random easy classes and party away their waistline while making no real decisions about their future whatsoever). By the end of the first semester, people’s lives were flipped upside down by finals and majors were changing left and right. If only there was something that could magically tell you which major to pick.

Oh, wait. Now there is.

It’s a website produced by CareerBuilder called “Find Your Calling,” and it features six simple questions about your likes and dislikes followed by your desired choice of an associate or bachelor’s degree. The results of the test will tell you your strengths and give you a list of career field matches. From there, you can simply click on your desired field, choose the state you wish to work in, and select your future career path. It will pull up statistics about salary, employers, and growth rate, so you know exactly what to expect after graduation.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 1.09.49 PM

Finally, we can take all that time we spent complaining about our classes and anxiously debating over major life decisions and put it towards more important things — like making sure our eyebrows look good. And say goodbye to the second-semester senior scaries. The world will be a much better place with less drunk-crying seniors. Trust me. Now, my only question is how can I get this thing to say I should be a trophy wife?

[via Teen Vogue]

Image via Find Your Calling

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