This Week Only, Rent ‘Random Tropical Paradise,’ This Summer’s Best Comedy, For Less Than A Buck

random tropical paradise release

“Netflix & chill” has been deep in the cold, hard ground for a while now. What found it, killed it, buried it, then took a dump on its grave? “Rental & bento.” You rent a movie, and you eat Japanese food. This is day one stuff. That being said, for your next round of rental and bento I submit to you that you take advantage of an insane deal and snag the iTunes best-selling comedy Random Tropical Paradise for $0.99 before it’s too late.

Random Tropical Paradise is a feature-length comedy from Grandex Productions in conjunction with Shabash Films and Gunpowder & Sky Distribution that is an iTunes Best Seller. The film stars Bryan Greenberg (The Mindy Project), Brooks Wheelan (Saturday Night Live), Spencer Grammer (Rick and Morty), film legend Joe Pantoliano (The Sopranos, The Matrix, plus a billion other A+ works), Brittany Furlan (of Vine fame), Kyle Kinane (Funny People), and more. Check out the trailer before you rent your $0.99 copy and you’ll see what all the hype on Entertainment Tonight, @Midnight, Entertainment Weekly Radio, Hollywood Reporter, and more was all about.

Hooked? Good. Go to your car, open up the change drawer, take out $0.99, and cram the coins into your USB drive one-by-one until the movie shows up on your screen. Alternatively, if you want to snag your $0.99 Random Tropical Paradise rental copy the easier way, CLICK HERE.

It won’t be $0.99 for long, so order that bento for delivery and open up iTunes ASAP.

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