This Woman Did It In A Subway Station With An Infant Strapped To Her Chest

This Woman Did It In A Subway Station With An Infant Strapped To Her Chest

Among the most popular sex fantasies — are threesomes, role-playing, and public sex. Some level of voyeurism can feel sexy, but public sex, to most people usually means something like a quickie in the Target dressing room, making love on the beach at night, or doing it an abandoned warehouse where somebody could catch you, but likely will not. What it doesn’t usually mean is dropping your drawers in the middle of a crowded space and humping your partner without regard to the law, or the child you’re carrying in your arms.

But one woman’s nightmare, is apparently another’s drunken mistake and/or delusional reality — hard to tell. This couple was filmed having very public sex in a subway station, apparently completely unaware of onlookers and passersby. Bent over an escalator banister for some period of time, the woman only finally revealed that she had an infant strapped to her chest when she and her partner were stopped by a stranger. The stranger kicked the man, and the two shouted “Hey!” as they stood up straight and zipped back up. Sick.

The UK’s “Mirror: caught the footage. Click here to view it.

As for the rest of you, let this be a lesson that if “putting on a show” is your thing, something like road head is just as frisky without being quite as risky.

[via Mirror]

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