Throwback Thursday: VS PINK Cropped Sweatpants, The Precursor To Yoga Pants

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In a world full of yoga pants, I think it’s important to recognize the origins of cute, trendy, comfy bottoms that boldly went where no loungewear would dare go before them: to class, to the tanning salon, to get food, and basically anywhere else the wearer pleased. This Throwback Thursday, I would like to recognize the original comfortable, colorful, adorable pants that said, “I’m hungover, I’m over it, and I don’t give a fuck.” That’s right, ladies: today, we remember the original Victoria’s Secret PINK sweatpants.

The original sweatpants (you know, the ones that gained popularity in like, 2006) were from Victoria’s Secret, and were basically 80’s style, cropped sweatpants with draw-string waistbands. While this doesn’t sound like the blueprint for an adorable hang-out ensemble, trust me, they just worked. They came in adorable, bright colors, and ALWAYS featured the signature VS logo, or of course, the word “PINK” on the butt, regardless of what color the pants were.

Everyone who was anyone had a pair of these in every color. These were great tucked into your UGG boots for a hungover Starbucks run. They were a tad obnoxious in their color scheme, but who cared? You had enough t-shirts from sorority functions to come up with something to make your “whatever” outfit kind of match. Plus, since they were available in like, literally every color, they were so easy to add into your monthly rotation.

They were a welcome departure from the previous go-to in lounge wear, the velour Juicy Couture sweatsuit. VS actually still sells our adored classic sweatpants, and they’re referred to as the “Signature Crop Pant.” Today’s version comes in muted colors that give off a more retro vibe, a stark contrast from the neon hues we grew to love in the earlier part of the decade.

What I loved most about these pants was that they marked a pivotal moment in loungewear history. Victoria’s Secret offered hungover sorority girls everywhere a semi-cute clothing option to wear to class that didn’t look completely sloppy. Perfect during the winter months, these cropped fleece wonders gave us all the confidence to go to class in clothes that were formally reserved for Sundays on your couch, while an IV sent electrolytes through your body to help you recover from the previous night’s vodka bender.

I truly believe the popularity of these adorable little drawstring pants spawned the creation of our dearly beloved, present day go-to: the yoga pant. Once all of us were comfortable enough to wear sweats out in public, the yoga pant became the necessary succession to the slouchy silhouette of the cropped sweatpant. It gave girls an option to look hot while they actually were more of a hot mess. I mean, I think I speak on behalf of sorority girls everywhere when I say that if I can’t skip my Friday morning class, and norts aren’t an option, I just throw my hair in a messy bun, slip on some yoga pants and call it a day.

So, I think it’s time to take a moment to pull out these little gems from the back of your closet, dance around to “If U Seek Amy,” and thank Victoria’s Secret for bringing the cropped PINK sweatpants into our lives, allowing us to feel like a scrub without looking like one.


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