Tinder Pervs Explain Their Thinking When They Send Creepy Messages (Video)


Happy summer! It’s a time for tanning, day drinking, swimming (read: more tanning), and of course, re-downloading Tinder. Each year, girls across the nation fall victim to the fallacy of the “dating” app. You get home, you miss your on-again off-again boyfriend, and you find yourself clicking the little fire icon in a desperate attempt to find your one true love. But finally, we have definitive and somewhat scientific proof that Tinder is actually just full of confused and creepy men.

Jessie, who makes comedy videos for Super Deluxe, set up a little experiment. After matching with many men on Tinder, she invited them to meet up with her. But much to the surprise of the men, Jessie was actually going to interview them. The topic? Their creepy and downright perverted messages that they sent her. Of course, many men went running the opposite direction with their dicks, I mean tails, between their legs when they caught sight of the cameras. But a few brave souls did stick around, and their responses prove what we have known all along: men are just weird and horny.

By the end of the video, Jessie concludes that some of the guys were actually pretty sweet. I’m not sure, however, that she knows the definition of the word sweet. One guy politely insisted that women like to be talked to in that way — because nothing warms my heart quite like a stranger asking me if I would “like a big dick to play with.” Perhaps the only redeeming human of the entire video was the man who said he liked doggy style. But even he admitted that he just uses dating websites to get it in, and isn’t actually interested in finding love. Again, totally sweet dude.

So, download Tinder (for the sixteenth time) if you dare. But just remember that while you may not find your one true love, you’ll find plenty of dicks.

[via Daily Mail]

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