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Dropping out of the North American Interfraternity Conference because it’s too expensive? NF. So NF. Below is an email obtained by TFM from a brother of Tau Kappa Epsilon, outlining TKE Nationals’ decision to leave NIC, because they’ve raised membership dues by three and a half times.

You may have heard of the internal changes that have been cultivated within the North-American Interfraternity Conference recently. In August 2015, the NIC Board of Directors undertook the creation of a commission to develop NIC 2.0 to deliberate and recommend action in three critical areas: Accountability, Governance, and Operations. The TKE Professional Staff have been an active participant in the discussions of NIC 2.0 throughout the past six months. In December, I participated in the NIC House of Delegates meeting to vote on the proposed structure changes by the NIC 2.0 commission. Included in the changes of NIC 2.0 was an increase of membership dues to 3.5 times their current rate.

As a key leader in Tau Kappa Epsilon, we wanted you to be the first to know of our decision following this vital meeting of the 73 members of the NIC. After the NIC House of Delegates approved the proposed NIC 2.0 changes, the Grand Council authorized me through a unanimous vote to resign our membership in the NIC. Details on this decision are within the announcement here.

I ask you, on your bond, to keep the message below confidential until you see the announcement on TKE.org on Thursday, January 14th.

The timeline of releasing this information and the press release found here is as follows-
Thursday, January 14 Message to all collegiate members, peer organizations, and Fraternity & Sorority Professionals. This message will share the press release posted on TKE.org and across our social media platforms. Thank you again for your confidentiality in this important matter. The leadership of our entire organization from the Grand Council to the Professional Staff are behind this decision to move our beloved fraternity forward. We are honored that you are a part of our TKE family.

Please reply to me with any comments or concerns. Have a great evening!

Yours in the Bond,
Donald E. Aldrich Chief Executive Officer Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

I know what you’re all thinking: what the fuck is the difference between NIC and IFC. From my in-depth research on Wikipedia.com, I’ve concluded that they are the exact same thing, and they just want to give us more acronyms to be difficult.

Other organizations have left IFC, and it won’t really affect their campus involvement or their decision to join IFC on campus, but it’s interesting to think that more and more fraternities are separating themselves from the national conference.

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