“Toddlers In Tiaras” Show Us The Perfect Way To Deal With Your Family During The Holidays

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It all starts out innocently enough, when someone tells you, “You’re looking really good these days!”

But seriously,

You’re feeling pretty good, until someone asks, “Why don’t you have a boyfriend?”

And when someone asks it again,

Then, “What are you hoping to do with your degree?”

And of course, the dreaded, “What are you doing with your time off this break?”

Some distant relative you haven’t seen in a thousand years asks, “How are you these days?”

“Are you making a lot of friends at college?”

When someone asks you why you keep changing your major,

Then they ask about your life goals, and you say of the only thing you can come up with on the spot.


After returning to the kitchen for thirds, someone says, “Boy, you sure have a healthy appetite!”

Your mom starts telling people about how many fraternity formals you went to this year, and you’re just like,

Your creepy uncle walks in, and you’re determined to avoid him.

But then he has the audacity to go in for a hug.

Some older relative tells everyone a joke at your expense.

You’ve started slurring your words and someone asks, “Do I smell whiskey in your soda?”

But then someone puts on some music, so you just tune everyone out.

And eventually,

Thank you, and goodnight.

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