Tom Hanks As Woody And Ellen As Dory Have A “Pixar-Off” And All Is Right In The World

Tom Hanks Talks On Ellen

Hands down, Pixar comes out with the best movies. Sure, you can flip on a romcom or some shitty TV show, but when you need a good, hard, emotional look at your life, sea creatures and toys are the way to get it done. Despite the fact that most of the characters aren’t exactly like us, they sure do a good job at getting us to sob like infants and call our moms because we just love them soooo muchhhhh. Sometimes you just need a fish or an old man in a floating house to teach you a lesson.

Recently two of the best Pixar characters, Woody and Dory, got together to shoot the shit. Well. You know. The human versions of Woody and Dory. We can’t win them all, you know?

I would pay someone big money to animate this. Well, not me. But someone should pay someone else big money to animate this. I have a feeling if our favorite forgetful fish and our favorite toy cowboy got together we would learn a lot about life and love and happiness or whatever. Lmk when this comes out, Pixar. And sell these tickets with tissues. I have a feeling this would be the most sob-inducing one to date. Not counting “Up” of course. Nothing can ever top the cruel and unusual punishment that is the opening of that film. Still, I’d like to see them try. Your move, Pixar.

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