Tom Hiddleston Says He And Taylor Swift Are Still Friends, Suuure They Are


In my own personal experience, there is no such thing as a “good breakup.” I’m going to go one step farther and say that there is definitely no such thing as a “good breakup” when Taylor Swift is involved. That’s why I’m calling some major BS on Tom Hiddleston and his claim that he and Swift are still friends.

We were all waiting for the Emmy’s so that Hiddleston could finally dodge reporter’s questions about T Swift, but in a turn of events, he skipped the red carpet all together. Which made me SURE the two hate each other. It also reaffirmed that Taylor’s next album is going to be fire, no matter how bad I want it to suck.

But I guess my hypothesis was wrong, because when People was finally able to slide into Tom’s DM’s and ask if he and Taylor were still friends, he said,

“Yes. Yes, we are.”

Very James Bond-esque, Tommy.

To me, it seems that Tom Hiddleston is a very respectful, mature man, which we know makes crazy girls, even crazier. I’m sure Taylor Swift isn’t sitting in her million dollar house high fiving her cats because Tom didn’t bash her at the Emmy’s. I bet that deep down, she’s actually mad about it. Having the same internal dialogue she does with every person she encounters, “OH MY GOD BUT NOW I CAN’T PLAY THE VICTIM CARD AGAIN HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WRITE A NUMBER ONE ALBUM WHEN HE WON’T SAY ANYTHING MEAN ABOUT ME!?”

I’m sure she’ll find some other inspiration through one of her other exes.

[via EliteDaily]

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