Top 10 Most Underrated Qualities In Guys


Don’t get me wrong, sexy eyes, charming personality, and at least moderately defined abs are all major plusses when it comes to finding your perfect man. Although every girl dreams of finding her prince charming (read: Zac Efron), sometimes the biggest deal breakers in a guy aren’t always the most obvious traits. That being said, here are the top ten most underrated qualities when looking for a guy to lock down.

Straight Teeth
Finding a guy who has straight teeth is way more important than just locking down a man with the ability to look hot in all of your Insta pictures. In addition to being an obvious appearance turn off, having bad teeth is hereditary which means your future kids will likely inherit Mr. Not-So-Perfect’s crooked tooth gene. Although having snaggletoothed children might not seem like the end of the world at the moment, keep in mind braces are expensive as fuck. If you (like me) plan on having, at least, three children, that’s a huge chunk of cash that has to come out of your “escape from the kids” vacation budget, and “It’s acceptable because I’m an adult” top shelf booze fund.

Nice To His Mom
It’s pretty obvious when a guy is a real douche to his mom, but there’s a difference between tolerating mother dearest and being nice to her. At this point, most guys have known their mother anywhere from 19-24 years. If your potential BF is already tired and annoyed of the woman who brought him to life and wiped his ass for the first four years of his life then I guarantee he’s going to get sick of you faster than you can say happily ever after.

Social With Your Friends
Any guy can be funny and outgoing with his own friends, but it speaks volumes when a guy can join in on the fun with you and your girls. It’s common knowledge that girls value their friends’ opinion when it comes to guys, so when a guy makes an effort to win over your crew it says a lot about the effort he’s willing to put into his relationship with you. If a guy can sprawl out on the couch with a plate of pizza to watch Bridesmaids with your friends, he will probably have no problem making small sacrifices when it comes to your happiness in the future.

One time I was at a bar with a boy I was talking to when a super creepy guy at the bar started to take random stalker pictures (with flash) of me for no reason. I confronted the creep and dropped his phone in his drink all while the guy I was talking to at the time just sat there. I’m not saying that I wanted him to throw his barstool, punch the guy in the face, then end the night in jail, but for him not to even say anything to the creep and force me to stand up for myself was literally the biggest turn off in the world.

…But Not Over Protective
Although it’s nice to have your knight in shining armor come to your rescue when you need it, there is a difference between a guy who will be protective enough to have your back and a guy who is so protective that you need to ask him permission every time you need to breathe. One thing to keep in mind when it comes to guys — he is your boyfriend, not your father. If your boyfriend is constantly telling you that you can’t go out or you can’t have another Long Island Iced Tea you may want to ask yourself if he’s crossed the line into being over protective.

Can Cook
Ramen, toast, and bean and cheese burritos don’t count.

In my opinion, there isn’t a man hotter than the handyman. I’m not talking about the plumber you call when your toilet overflows and he has half his ass crack hanging out. I’m talking about the hot guy you call whenever you get a flat tire, need help assembling your IKEA furniture, or want to put a new stereo in your car. As much as we all love to be Miss Independent, sometimes it’s nice to let go of the reins and let him do it for you. Especially if the task requires him to get a little sweaty in the process.

Ability To Stay Calm And Smart Enough To Find A Solution
Sometimes in life things turn to shit when you least expect them to. A seemingly good night out at the bars lands you in the drunk tank, you get lost in some strange country backroads at night, or the dog you are pet sitting goes missing. In crisis situations, it’s super easy to freak the fuck out but it says a lot about a guy when he has the ability to stay calm and find a solution.

Anyone who says chivalry is dead must be looking for boyfriends in strip clubs or frat houses. Chivalry shouldn’t be a “unicorn” quality in guys. Chivalry should be an expectation. If he doesn’t open your car door, walk you to your dorm at night, and respect your personal boundaries dump his ass. You’re a princess and deserve to be treated like one.

Good In Bed
I hear girls say all the time that they feel bad for judging a guy because of his ability in bed or his size. Don’t feel bad for not wanting to be with a guy just because you don’t connect with him on a sexual level. If you are seriously thinking about spending the rest of your life with someone you have shitty sex with, think again. If you aren’t satisfied with him when you are twenty-one and at the peak of your sexual prowess, you are going to be looking elsewhere when it comes to sexual satisfaction at age forty-two.

But a bomb Instagram game, that “v” muscle, and a little extra money in his pocket doesn’t hurt either.

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