Top 20 Schools Using an Online Service to Have Sugar Daddies Pay Tuition

When I think of dating websites, I think of pathetic old maids upwards of 24 years old who can’t land a man in real life, and inexperienced guys who are eager to please because they want a relationship…for some reason. When I think of gold-diggers, I think of essentially every girl I’ve ever known, we just don’t call it that. When you combine the two, it seems like glorified prostitution. But that’s just a stigma! College girls all over, particularly in the south, know that!, an online dating(ish) website, connects Sugar Daddies/Mommas with “Sugar Babies” who are hoping to strike a “mutually beneficial arrangement” in which they are provided an allowance of some sort in exchange for their, errr, companionship. Members who register with an .edu email address are given premium status on the site, allowing them to approach potential sugar daddies, and giving them other benefits that non-student members would have to pay for. (Thank heavens I still have my school email!) Students from all over are utilizing the site in an effort to have their newfound companion pay their tuitions. Student participation has increased by 58% since the site’s initial launch. The top 20 schools participating are as follows.

20. University of California – Los Angeles
19. University of Alabama
18. Columbia University
17. University of Ohio
16. Michigan State University
15. Tulane University
14. Florida State University
13. University of North Texas
12. Penn State University
11. Kent State University
10. Texas State University
9. Indiana University
8. University of Georgia
7. Florida International University
6. Arizona State University
5. University of Southern Florida
4. University of Central Florida
3. Temple University
2. New York University
1. Georgia State University

Maybe someone you know is totally benefitting from a rich, old guy who thinks she’s pretty (besides her father). Impossible, you think? Not at all! One SeekingArrangement sugar baby confesses that her friends, family, and her BOYFRIEND remain blissfully unaware of her double life. She views herself, as the sugar baby, as a completely separate identity:

“When you come into this, you have to become the Sugar Baby character. You have to become the Sugar Baby girl. They don’t want to have somebody who looks raggedy in jeans and clothes. They want a pretty girl in dress and heels. It’s almost like getting your uniform on…

“I am the complete opposite person in real life. It also gives me a break from my own life. It gives us both a break. In real life, nobody treats me as a pet. I’m almost a dude in my group of dudes, and they never step off on me or anything. It’s a completely different life, but because I know that I’m putting myself in that situation, it makes me at least think that I still have the upper hand because I can always walk away from it.”

Whatever helps you sleep at night, pumpkin. Naturally, has been heavily criticized, viewed by many as a prostitution site. Their stance is that they “are very, very strict about escorts. If language on someone’s profile is talking about selling their body, they’re kicked off immediately. That’s not what [it] is really about.” However, while the interviewed sugar baby does not seem to be sleeping with her suitors, she says she doesn’t view her dates as infidelities (although many of the men are married) but rather as jobs. Scandalous!

[via Miami Herald, Huffington Post, NYU Local]

Image via TM Daily Post


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