Top 5 Things to Remember When Going Through Recruitment


The time is almost upon us. Recruitment counselors have shed their letters, sorority houses have been cleaned beyond recognition, and nervous freshman will be racing up and down their dorm floors wondering if a crop top is recruitment appropriate (spoiler: it’s not). Yes, recruitment is almost here. With all of the stress recruitment brings, it can seem like you’ll never make it through, but don’t worry, these simple tips can assure that you will have a great base to start recruitment off on the right foot.

1. Dress comfortably.

Now I’m not saying show up in Norts, but please, this is not the time to try out those heels you’re not sure you can walk in. Nothing will make you look more awkward than wearing something you don’t feel one hundred percent comfortable in. I know at some schools, wearing jeans is totally acceptable, and at some sundresses are considered underdressed. Follow the dress code you receive from Panhellenic, but make sure you pick an outfit you feel your best in. Trust me. You will feel so much better going into a house not worrying about if the dress you borrowed from your roommate is too short; you’ll be able to focus on making connections in the houses, which is what recruitment is for.

2. Smile.

This seems self-explanatory, but as a chronic sufferer of resting bitch face, it’s something I always have to work on. Yes, you might be bored or uninterested in the house you are in, but don’t make it obvious. You don’t know the connections or friends in the Greek community the girl you’re talking to can have. So smile, have a conversation, it won’t hurt you. And on the opposite side, if you are really enjoying the house you’re in, make sure you look like it. It may sound cheesy, but it’s true, a smile is your best accessory.

3. Keep shit talk to a minimum.

I know a lot of you are thinking, who would shit talk during recruitment? The answer: literally everyone. Not matter what you will get mad/offended/upset at someone or something during recruitment. It’s a high stress situation and people will have to vent. But if you are rushing keep any negative comments to yourself until you are back in your dorm with people you can vent to. When I was a rho gamma, nothing pissed me off faster than hearing a girl shit talking the houses in between rounds. It just makes you look bad. If you have a legitimate problem with a house, pull your rho gamma aside and let her know your concern, she will not judge you for that. She will if she has to scold you in public like your mom.

4. Keep your rho gamma on your good side.

I know that there are rules against recruitment counselors talking about the girls in their group to their chapters. And for the most part, they will stick to that. Except for if they really love a girl (like big/little love) or if a girl is absolutely awful. No, they will not run into the sorority house screaming “don’t take this girl” but remember, rho gammas will probably live with some of their sisters. So if you’re being an awful person to your rho gamma, or unbearable in general, she’s not going to want to bring you home on bid day. Your recruitment counselor is your first real connection to the Greek community, use that connection wisely.

5. Don’t focus on the what ifs.

I know it seems like it will be the end of the world if you get dropped from your top choice house. Or that you’re super worried about rushing as a junior. Or that you hate the way your hair looks tonight. But listen, do. Not. Dwell. On. It. You’re trying to sell yourself to these houses. Don’t start off the night obsessing over things you cannot control, focus on making the absolute best impression you can at each house you go to. Houses don’t care if you’re worried about what house you’ll get dropped from, or what grade you’re in, or any of that. They’re trying to see if you can fit into their sisterhood. So go in focused on making connections, put your concerns to the side while you’re in the houses.

If you go into recruitment remembering these few simple tips, I can guarantee that on night one you will not be as nervous as the other girls in the room. Go in, be yourself, and trust the process, there’s nothing more than that that you can do.

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