“Total Divas” Brie Bella Announces Pregnancy, Twin Nikki Bella Says It Better Be Just Like Her

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The Bella Twins are the ultimate sister goals. They are both successful, in love with successful mean, and both hot AF with nicely sculpted six packs. One Bella twin is starting the next chapter in her life, as Brie Bella announced that she and husband Daniel Bryan are expecting a baby! And in true twin sister form, Nikki Bella took the announcement and made it all about herself. Well not entirely, but she did make a remark in a Facebook Live interview with E! News’ Sibley Scoles that is so relatable in all sister situations.

“I hope it’s a girl and it’s exactly like me!” Nikki said.

Brie was quick with the comeback, though, saying, “Oh, goodness! That would be my husband’s worst nightmare!”

Just your typical sisterly conversation here. In more twin-love, Brie came clean about Nikki being the first one to know about the pregnancy (after Daniel, of course).

“I feel like because we are twins and we are sisters we have this really close connection and bond, so I feel like I tell her everything all the time, all my secrets. It just would’ve been weird if I didn’t go to her first.”

You almost can’t help but feel bad for Nikki. If you have watched Total Divas, you know that she so badly wants to be a wife and a mother, but boyfriend John Cena has made it clear that he does not want to get married and does not want kids. Poor Nikki, now I can see why she wants to live vicariously through Brie’s baby.

[via E!]

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