Tri Delt At UWG Kicked Off Campus Due To Hazing Allegations Made Years Before Current Members Were Even In College


It’s nationals’ world, and we’re just living in it.

The Beta Iota chapter of Delta Delta Delta at the University of West Georgia was shut down by their national chapter on October 14 because of allegations of hazing. Okay. Fair. Hazing is awful and stupid and should be rightfully punished.

The only problem is that the alleged hazing events “took place several years ago,” before any of the current active chapter members were even enrolled in UWG. Current Tri Delt members are being punished for a crime they did not commit, while the alleged hazers got to finish out their years in the chapter and basically get off scot-free.

This is wrong on so many levels. For starters, what happened to the whole idea of a “swift and speedy” trial? I understand that nationals isn’t a real court of law or anything, but to sorority girls it’s pretty close. Waiting several years for alleged hazers to graduate and get away with what they did is not justice.

The sisters of Tri Delt at UWG have started a petition to convince nationals to reinstate their charter, considering the circumstances.

From the petition:

There are no sisters active today that have initiated any hazing events. The sisters accused under this investigation are no longer at UWG. They have since left or graduated. Therefore, we are being punished for violations we did not commit and have no opportunity to defend ourselves.

The members were told that this decision to shut down their chapter is valid for three years and is final, with no opportunity to appeal.

The news that their chapter is being shut down was shocking, to say the least. Current president of the Beta Iota chapter Amber Treadwell says, “the rug was ripped from beneath us.”

This is harsh. Way harsh, Tai. The writers of the online petition point out that Tri Delt wasn’t even given the opportunity to be monitored by the school and/or nationals while on probation, which is something many chapters choose to do following this type of accusation. They’re just done. They have to go dark for three years.

One would think that if the allegations of hazing were that serious, it shouldn’t have taken nationals “several years” to punish the members. That’s not fair to the girls who were accused of hazing, the current members now facing punishment, and especially not fair to the girls who confessed to being hazed. It’s been years and justice is just now being served. They’ve probably already graduated and moved on with their lives, just like the members who were accused of hazing.

If you feel strongly enough that the members of Tri Delt at UWG shouldn’t be punished for the mistakes of sisters who came before them, you can sign the petition here. Who knows if it’ll help, but at this point, the current members of Tri Delt are feeling lost and confused. But still, they remain adamant in their love and affection for their chapter.

Panhel love, UWG Tri Delt.


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Cristina Montemayor

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