How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Hot

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I’m a big fan of tricking people into stuff. Whether it’s a group project, buying me food, or getting out of being DD, there’s just something about putting in the least possible amount of effort that really gets me going. Sure, that might make me a manipulative bitch, but that doesn’t take away the fact that I’ve never actually had to drive people home from a bar before so…

Anyway, one of the biggest things we like to trick people into is thinking we’re attractive. There are a few ways we can do it. First, by actually becoming “attractive.” That means things like exercise, plastic surgery, and potential Wiccan and/or Pagan rituals. Or we could do things like dressing for our body types, learning how to kill it at makeup, and downloading every photo editing app that exists.

But now, according to Daily Mail, there’s an even easier way to convince people that you’re not actually a sewer rat that crawled out of a pipe to see the sunshine. Basically, all you do is just be around the person you’re trying to trick a lot. Seriously, it’s that easy.

We learned this genius move thanks to researchers at Hamilton College in New York. What they did was got a whole bunch of pictures of faces and had them rated for attractiveness by a focus group. Then they picked about 100 of the pictures, half of them with “hot” people and half of them with, well, “not” people. They showed the pictures to 20ish young, single guys and gals. These people did what we do best and judged the shit out of the pictures. Then they gave each headshot a grade out of nine. But the kicker? They were wired so their brain activity was recorded while they did this. Then they were shown all of the pictures again in a different order.

And this is where the magic happened.

The second time around the “hot” people were rated extra-hot. And their brain activity? Two of the different brain waves that move around when you’re excited were jumping all over the place. It turns out, people are drawn to people after seeing them a couple of times, even if at first they just felt “meh” about them. I mean, think about it. How many guys have you found more attractive as you got to know them? Or how many couples have you seen that you were like, “wait…she’s with him?”

This is the secret! Just hang around him all of the fucking time. Go where he goes. Talk to the people he talks to. Exist where he exists. Eventually, he has to find you attractive, right? Right?! I know they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but maybe the secret isn’t absence. Maybe the secret is following him everywhere until he eventually files a restraining order or falls in love with you. Or you could become attractive, or just find someone who loves you for you. But honestly? I’d rather just hang out outside of his bedroom window and hope for the best.

[via Daily Mail]

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