“Triggered” Girl Kills Her Best Friend Because Of Her New Successful Relationship


Unless you’re a serial monogamist, at some point, you’ve probably been single and annoyed. For some reason, when you’re single, everyone else is together, rubbing their dumb relationships in your face. Really, you have to hold hands and take up the entire sidewalk? You can’t go anywhere without your boyfriend? You’re posting kissing selfies on Instagram? You have a cheesy couples’ Halloween costume? Stop. Just stop. We get it, you have a boyfriend, and the rest of us don’t. You’re sooooo special. I think we can all agree that these people are annoying AF and sometimes we just need them to go away.

28-year-old Jessica Wongso totally gets it. After a painful breakup in 2014, all Jessica really needed was a break from all of the happy couples around, but unfortunately, that wasn’t meant to be. All Jessica wanted to do was meet up with her best friend from college, Wayan Salihin, for coffee, and of course, Wayan just had to show up with her husband in tow. Seriously, you couldn’t leave him at home for an hour and a half? This was the last straw for Jessica. While many of us would have blocked our friends from Facebook or stopped responding to messages, Jessica took it just one tiny step farther and decided to poison Wayan, which is totally normal and justifiable behavior.

The two met up in an Indonesian restaurant where Jessica casually slipped twice as much cyanide as she needed to kill her best friend into Wayan’s coffee, and yes, there is a video.

Obviously, Jessica went to trial for her friend’s murder, and her attorney tried to get her off on the grounds that Wayan’s happy relationship “triggered” her and caused her to snap, killing her friend. The judge made the excellent decision to convict Jessica for murder, and thank god, because otherwise this case could definitely be used as precedent to let all of us off for any future rage-fueled crimes against happy couples. After her conviction, Jessica released a statement saying that, “I don’t accept this decision because for me, it’s not fair and very one-sided.” Girl, I feel you – Wayan totally should have been brought to trial for flaunting her relationship around and this whole thing could have been avoided. Until laws are finally changed to stop happy couples from shoving their relationships into all of our single faces, however, it’s probably in your best interest to refrain from killing your friends. Jessica is currently serving 20 years for the murder of Wayan.

[via Elite Daily]

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