TSM FAIL Friday: Are your parents proud of you?

Our beautiful bodies produce milk and eggs, so who are we to argue about being in the kitchen? TSM.

Better in theory sweetie. It ended up weird.

Disaffiliating because all of your sisters are bitches. TSM.

Well disaffiliating and trash-talking them in a public forum will probably make them a little more pleasant toward you.

I’m faker than my prettiest sister’s fake tan. TSM.

Recruitment conversation starter?

Having a boyfriend. NS. Having a fratdaddy that runs Student Government and Derby Days. TSM.

I’d like to take this opportunity to set the record straight…“fratdaddy” is a made-up term girls use so they can pretend it’s not slutty to have sex with someone who isn’t their boyfriend. Sooo…

Railing lines of adderall off of a composite while wearing Lilly. TSM.

Oh, I thought this was going to end up being really trashy, but then you totes saved it by wearing Lilly. Totes.

Stopping mid-shack to find and replace my pearl earring. Knowing what’s more important. TSM.

Your pearls > His jewels.

Up to 12 Sigma Nu’s and I haven’t made their chapter minutes yet?! TSM.

Go for lucky number 13.

Smoked a cigarette outside my rivalry’s house. TSM

That’s what they get for calling you trashy!

Kicked out of mandated AA course. Celebrated at a local bar. TSM.

Are your parents proud of you?

“Getting with his roommate, best friend and big”TSM

So we have four guys, and one slut they all boned. Who’s the victor here sweetheart? Hint: Not you.

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