Ten real TSM submissions and four photos that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

“Meow” is always an acceptable response. TSM.
–South Carolina

The more often you meow, the more likely you are to end up living alone with cats. Fact.

Double fisting…. with two cocks. TSM.


Sisters before misters. TSM.
–North Carolina

Sisters before misters. NS. Besties before testes. TSM.

Haven’t hooked up with him in a year, still got an invite to his formal. TSM.

Sounds like your formal date is a loser and you were his last resort. Have fun.

Bumming laxatives off your little at chapter dinner. TSM.

Bulimia is only srat via induced vomit. Girls don’t poop.

Willing your sister’s fiance’s shirt to her during Senior Wills…

“And this shack shirt is for you…in case you ever forget that your fiance railed me first. Enjoy my sloppy seconds for your entire life!”

“Hey bitch, ditch your diet. It’s Totally-Eat Tuesday.” TSM.

Total Fat Move.

Sending nudes to the fratdaddy for his opinion on your new hair length. TSM.

Most guys prefer a clean shave, but let me know what he thinks of your hairy old lady bush.

Fratdaddy said, “You could smoke heroin in front of my parents, and they would still absolutely adore you.” TSM.

Try it!

There’s always someone uglier and fatter. TSM.
–Washington State

But more importantly, there’s always someone prettier and thinner.

The scooter is not a good look sweetie.


Thumbs up!

He looks like he’s enjoying himself.

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