TSM FAIL FRIDAY: Hating America

Ten real TSM submissions, four photos, and one video that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Getting my mugshot taken in my letters. Represent!

OMG! You should get a Lilly prison tat!

The TSM wall is totes more classier than the TFM wall. TSM.

Smarter too.

“Oh my God. He peed in my butt.” TSM.

You realize no one’s ACTUALLY getting butt-peed, right?

Two of my cousins are GDIs. Grandmother did not ask them to be in the family Christmas picture. TSM.
–South Carolina

Your grandmother is a bitch.

I just washed my car with the most expensive wash and there’s still throw up on it. This better not be foreshadowing of rush. TSM.

How would that be foreshadowing for rush? Like…how? Idiot.

“Do you think (insert sisters name) would mind if I sexted (insert boys name) from her on her iPhone?” TSM.
–North Carolina

You’re a creep.

Hot enough and rich enough to do a celeb sex tape, classy enough not to. TSM.
–South Carolina

You need to be a celebrity to do a celeb sex tape, in case you were wondering.

Dear standards, sorry we have none. TSM.

Neither does your sorority when it comes to giving out bids, clearly.

Sorry I’m not sorry I went to see Harry Potter 7 part 2. I figured the 3D glass would be good to have for a future Halloween mixer. TSM.

That’s not at ALL why you went. Sorry I’m not sorry for calling you out.

Knowing my University’s fight song word for word, but barely being able to sing the National Anthem. TSM.

This doesn’t even deserve sugar-coating with a “bless your heart.” Fuck you, Alabama.

She’s got herself a keeper…

What was the theme here?!

He’s right. It’s not.

Awww that’s classy.

Does Sig Ep know you did this music video with T-Pain?

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