TSM FAIL FRIDAY: New Year, Old Habits

Ten real TSM submissions, four photos, and one video that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Being the innocent sister that only goes hard on New Years. TSM.

I’m sorry to hear that.

Smelling your hair trying to figure out what flavor vodka a sister spilled on it. TSM.

Is the flavor really the important thing at that point?

I’m so crafty I make babies. TSM.

When you meet a boy, you should lead with that.

Got in an argument with my adviser. What do you mean they don’t offer classes for the MRS degree!? TSM.

I bet you did…

Having an eating disorder. TSM.

Giving my frat daddy a hand job while discussing the French art movements of the 18th century. TSM.

Why? Did he do something wrong?

Being a total CB-queen at a mixer because the freshman won’t let her breathe. True sisterhood. TSM.
–North Carolina

You and I have different definitions of the word “sisterhood.”

If you don’t wear Sperrys, chances are I won’t make out with you. TSM.

You tell him sister!

When your house mom goes out and you stay in.

Awesome house mom or awful sorority…I can’t decide.

I got too drunk to find my NYE kiss candidates so I just kissed the closest sorority sister instead. TSM.

2012 is not going to be your year.

She really needed that last sip of pink panty dropper punch.

Posing with the models outside of Abercrombie? Really?

Make sure and work out all the knots, sweetie.

I don’t know if that’s underboob sweat, but if it is…it’s a record.

Even if she blacked out those jeans had to be a horrible reminder of how stupid she is in the morning.

I wish I could sail away after watching this.

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