TSM FAIL FRIDAY: Popping a Squat

Ten real TSM submissions, five photos and one video that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Be there soon… with munchies, blow jobs and shoulder rubs. TSM.

Your desperation just got you promoted to slampiece number 2! Congrats!

Walking around the library for 20 minutes, and asking the front desk lady 3 different times where to find the vending machine. TSM.

Maybe that was a sign you didn’t need any more Cheetos, honey.

Having sex with a fratboy and promptly accepting an invitation from someone else to his date party. TSM.

That bad, huh?

Wearing rainboots even when the weather is perfect. TSM.


Giving him a BJ after he took me to BJ’s for dinner. TSM

The real problem here is that he took you to BJ’s for dinner.

When a sister gets hit by a car and the only thing she is worried about is her Vera Bradley bag that she was holding. TSM

If your life is flashing before your eyes, and a shit designer like Vera Bradley is the only thing you’re thinking about, I feel sorry for you.

Responding “fratulous!” when asked how you’re doing.

I hope whomever you said that to you immediately punched you in the face upon receiving your response.

Being named after a car. TSM.

Ohh, so when your parents say “I love my Mercedes” they’re not lying. Smart.

Spilling vodka on your bid card. TSM

Yeah, it’s not like it’s important or anything.

Making my fratdaddy take my tampon out and eat my bloody pussy, then leave him hanging. TSM.

Your fratdaddy is a lucky, lucky man.

The wrong way to put yourself out there.

UGGGHHHHHH I hate you.

One of these ladies not like the others.

Kissy face!

She’s such a lady.

This alleged Kappa Delta thinks Jeremy Lin (who she calls Jerry) is a black player on the Super Bowl winning Giants, and invites him to her formal:

TSM Intern

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