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I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the SUPER talented and adorable Macy Maloy, singer, song-writer, and you guessed it, sorority girl at the University of North Texas. As a cutie little freshman, the girl is full of love for her sorority and full of love for Josh Abbott Band, so it only made sense for her to enter the contest JAB sponsored for sororities to win philanthropy money and a private performance. Like tons of other sratties, Macy covered JAB’s Oh, Tonight in an attempt to ask Josh Abbott to come perform for her sorority. And by “ask” him I mean told him. Direct quote: “You will come out here. Yes or yes” (which I’m absolutely using from this point forward). The only difference between Macy and everyone else? She won. And then got to perform LIVE with JAB. And then got tons of recognition of her own. And then got scooped up by Ambiance Artists and continues to make progress in her musical career with an awesome fan-base and more and more views on YouTube each day. And then interviewed with me. (Oh. That’s the least climactic part of the whole thing. Oops.) Here’s what the precious girly had to say!

Hot Piece: Explain the original YouTube contest to the readers. How did you hear about it? Did you ever expect JAB to actually hear/respond to your original video?

Macy: Josh Abbott was doing a contest for sororities which was giving the winners philanthropy money and a private concert at each sorority house. We were super stoked about the concert, (let’s be real) ha. So the girls all knew that I posted YouTube videos and kept telling me to post one for him. I was like he will NEVER see it y’all, but they twisted my arm to post it. The next day JAB had posted it to their facebook and twitter. Their manager had contacted the Greek life office for my information. It was insane. I was like, “is this real life?!”

Hot Piece: So was it a part of the original deal that you’d be performing with them or did that just happen because you’re awesome?

Macy: Haha that part thankfully just completely fell into place for me.

Hot Piece: What was it like performing next to JAB? What were they like? Were you starstruck? Were THEY preemptively starstruck due to your obvious imminent fame? And, most importantly, HOW did you decide what to wear?

Macy: Preforming with JAB was surreal! At first I was really intimidated about singing and even nervous about meeting the guys. But once we sat down and talked before, as cheesy as this is, I felt so comfortable with them. They are the sweetest group of boys. I look at Josh like an uncle haha. Honestly, the outfit choice was the most stressful part though! I just rocked jeans and boots because obviously a Texas girl cannot go wrong with that!

Hot Piece: So what you’re saying is…you guys, like, hang out. Obviously JAB has had a huge impact on your career as a musician, one of your songs is even featured on their most recent album. What other artists do you look up to/look at for inspiration?

Macy: Josh has completely impacted my music carreer and has become a mentor for me. He is the first person I called about being selected for Billboard battle of the bands or if I have something cool I’m writing I’ll shoot it his way. We want to try to write together soon! I really look up to singer/songwriters in general but I love: Colbie Calliat, Tracy Chapman, Ben Rector, James Morrison…but I listen to anything and everything.

Hot Piece: When did you start singing/song-writing? Have you had professional training? Is this something you’ve always looked at as a career?

Macy: I’ve been annoying my family with singing since I came out of the womb. Hah I wrote my first song in the second grade, it has just always been a part of my life. I picked up a guitar my freshman year of high school. I had a book of songs but I had to learn how to play so I could start performing. I am like completely opposed to having professional training. For some reason in my mind I have this theory it’ll ruin me hah. I have always dreamed about being a singer but I am a realist and never really thought it was a option for me until I came into contact with Ambiance Artists (my management).

Hot Piece: Describe your music. Do you use real life experiences as an inspiration in your writing?

Macy: Every song I write, I could tell you the name of the boy it’s about. It’s an issue. I use every experience as an opportunity. So if you do me wrong…I’ll for sure put you in a song. Watch out. But I write a lot about my family as well. My family experiences alone give me endless songs to write hah.

Hot Piece: As I was perusing the ‘tube, I noticed some video responses and covers that people had made of your songs. When people quote my jokes, I get girl wood. What’s it like for you when people cover YOUR original songs? Multiple orgasm status? Perhaps something a little more pleasant (in how it sounds, not how it feels. Duh.)?

Macy: HAH it is the best feeling in the whole world. That is why I pursue music. It’s the best when someone tweets my lyrics or tells me how much they love one of my songs when we meet. Just being relatable enough for someone to listen to…life is complete.

Hot Piece: If TSM was its own sorority, and I told you I wanted to invite you back for another round of recruitment, on a scale of “no line at Chipotle” to “free Lilly Pulitzer for life, delivered to you by Ryan Gosling” how excited would you be?

Macy: I just saw Lilly Pulitzer and Ryan Gosling in the same sentence and got really distracted…

Hot Piece: Do your sisters totally make you represent them for every talent competition ever? (Helloooo Greek Goddess winner.)

Macy: They try to! I was supposed to sing for Greek Week. It’s weird though, I get so nervous about that. Like I’d rather sing in front of a million strangers than 500 of my peers. Yikes, I need to work on that. There’s just something about a crowd full of polo hats and raybans that is scary…

Hot Piece: When I was in school, I could barely make time for a pesky little thing called “my studies” (which many people apparently are convinced is the reason to be there in the first place) and the only real commitment I had was watching E! and my obligation to nurse myself back to health after a bender. You have a blossoming musical career, appearances to keep up, grades to maintain, and still manage to make time for mandatory speakers, and of course downtime with your sisters. How do you do it?

Macy: I will be honest, school is tough. It was hard to balance everything my first semester. Motivation to stay there is hard to keep. Of course I’d love to quit and start touring buttttt then I remember if this whole music things turns against me I could end up under a bridge. Ha, school is just one of those things ya got to do…BUT it might take me 15 years to get my undergrad because let’s be real, music is definetly on the top of my priority list above my studies. Whoops 🙂

Hot Piece: Has your mini-celeb status affected your life at school? Your friendships/relationships?

Macy: It’s funny what playing with a band will do to your aquintances. All of the sudden they want to take pictures with you and put them as their profile pictures. Haha. I’m definetly not celeb status but getting recongnized on campus is fun ha! It hasn’t affected school for me. Except for History last semester…he was a JAB fan to say the least. It was great.

Hot Piece: I have to ask the age-old question: Jackie or Marilyn?

Macy:MARILYN, duhhhhhhh. Like not even a question…

Hot Piece: Anything else you’d like all the pretties in sorority world to know about you, or your story? Or any words of advice?

Macy: Do not walk barefoot in a fraternity house. But really.

Hot Piece: Ok, and oonnnneee last question. When I take over Chelsea Handler’s position in Hollywood as the funny Vodka-loving bitchy talk show host, and you’ve taken Taylor Swift’s spot as the adorable singer/song-writer…except in a version that I don’t hate since she’s annoying and you’re not, do you promise that you’ll be a guest on my show to commemorate what was the first ever interview for both of us?

Macy: Oh my word. You wouldn’t have to ask twice. This was a bonding experience…first interviews and such! Like I think we just became best friends…? Blink once if we did.

  • Editor’s Note: I blinked.

  • Needless to say, we’re in love now. And I already claim her as my celebrity little once we’re both super famous, so back off bitches. Go follow this cutie and AMAZING singer on Twitter @MacyMarieMaloy and don’t forget to check out the video that started it all (I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t listening to it on repeat throughout our entire interview). Bottom line, she can DEFINITELY sit with us.

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