TSM Is Looking For Freelance Writers

Looking for writers

TSM is looking for writers to add to our freelance team. We’re looking for funny girls who have the ability to make fun of themselves, laugh, and not take anything too seriously. Our writers make the site (world?) go ’round, and we’d like to invite you to sit with us.

What we’re looking for: someone who understands the voice of the site, the “cool girl,” the funny girl. Someone who “gets it.”

What we’re not looking for: anyone who gets offended easily, or tells the same jokes we’ve heard a hundred times.

Your writing should be good, but your voice, humor, and creativity should be better. If you stand out, you will receive an offer to write for us on a regular basis, and get paid cash money.

Why this is a great opportunity for you:

1. The Grandex network attracts millions of monthly visitors. If you want to get your work out there, this is your chance.

2. It’s a very fun way to earn drinking money.

3. If you’re an aspiring journalist, blogger, or writer of any sort, it’s a great way to get your foot in the door.

4. “Contributing Writer for Grandex, Inc” can be a great résumé addition, considering our vast audience. We’ll be happy to provide you with any statistics relating to your published work to include on your résumé.

Here’s how the process works (read carefully):

1. Write an original column, not news piece, with a word count of 500-700 words. Your column should be funny, relatable, on-brand, and, most importantly, your own work that has not been published elsewhere. Lists, serious, or emotional pieces will not be considered. This is your chance to show us how funny and creative you are. Seize the opportunity. If you don’t think it stands out from the pack and blows us away, re-work it until it does.

2. Create an account on the site.

3. While logged in, submit the column to the site by clicking “Submit” on the top menu bar, then “Column” on the left menu bar. Paste your column in the text field and submit your work.

4. Include your email address in the title, in parentheses, so we can contact you.

If your column is deemed publish-worthy, you will be contacted by our staff to discuss your future as a potential writer for TSM.

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