TSM Responds To “Women Against Feminism”

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You may have seen pictures floating around the Internet of a somewhat well-known (but mostly hated) Facebook group called “Women Against Feminism.” It’s a group comprised of women who are seriously misinformed, but nonetheless confident in their decision to reject feminism. They decided to offer up a few pictures on their reasons for defying feminism in a laughable display of personal opinions and convictions against their idea of “feminism.”

The problem is, these women are clearly confused about what feminism actually is. While they believe they are advocating against feminism, they are actually advocating against a misconstrued idea of feminism. It’s ironic, because the ideas they have actually are feminist values. They just don’t realize it, because they refuse to educate themselves on the true meaning. In short, these women are their own worst enemies.

We at TSM decided to take it upon ourselves to offer some lighthearted responses to the ideas put forth by the “Women Against Feminism.”

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We may joke around, but we also can’t ignore that there are some serious problems here. The major issue is that these women are further encouraging the negative connotations associated with feminism. It’s supposed to be an empowering message of equality and respect, not an excuse to victimize ourselves and demonize men. Modern feminists know this. We recognize the true definition of feminism, and we are working hard to destroy old notions about the concept.

Feminism is not, and never has been, a movement against men. Reinforcing the concept of a feminist as an angry, man-hating, bra-burning women who spends her free time shaving her head and screaming at strangers is a terrible approach in working toward equality. We can only truly exemplify feminist values once we learn to accept and understand the true meaning, and ditch the idea of defying it just to avoid potential scrutiny.

Image via Women Against Feminism

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