Turns Out, Your College Degree Probably Isn’t Worth The Money

Turns Out, Your College Degree Probably Isn't Worth The Money

During finals week, it’s hard to stay motivated in school. Come hour seven in the library, you’ll enter a full-blown state of delirium. You order food to the library as if that’s a completely normal activity, and honestly, you start to forget what “outside” looks like. There is only the library. Your highlighters are your only friends. And you’re constantly in hiding, because every person you’ve ever had sex with is in the building, sober, and you can’t confidently pinpoint the last time you washed your hair.

But at least, when all is said and done, you will have passed your exams and eventually end up with the ever-coveted college degree. You’ll go places in this world. You’ll be absolutely rolling in it if you can just get through this week (and seven others just like it).

Except, maybe you won’t be, according to a Goldman Sachs analyst.

It’s no surprise that the costs of college tuition has been rising steadily over the years, but what’s not rising as steadily? Wages. In fact, the pay grade for college educated people has gone down by .1% while the cost of tuition has increased by 10.6%. So what does this mean?

“For the typical student the number of years to break even on the cost of college has grown from eight years in 2010 to nine years today. If current cost and wage growth trends persist then students starting college in 2030/2050 will have to wait 11/15 years post college to break even. 18 year olds starting college in 2030 with no scholarship or grants will only start making a positive return when they turn 37,” Goldman’s Hugo Scott-Gall wrote.

You won’t reap the benefits of your college education until you are 37?! That’s like a hundred in sorority girl years. What is the point. Good grief.

[via AOL]

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Veronica Ruckh

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