“Twerk,” “Selfie,” “FOMO,” And Other Weird Words Added To The Dictionary

Ladies, we are literally taking the dictionary by storm. A few weeks ago, we delighted in the knowledge that “literally” had been added to the dictionary with the definition we’d literally been using since the stone age. The Oxford dictionary has added even more fun definitions to its repertoire, ever since they went mainstream.

Among them, is the word “twerk,” which apparently has been around for nearly twenty years, but didn’t become relevant until white girls familiarized themselves with and obsessed over the term. Thanks, Miley. The official dictionary definition is to “dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance,” and it is believed to be derived from the phrase “work it, girl” blended with “twist” or “twitch.” We made twerk happen.

“Selfie” has also been added to the dictionary. Again, you’re welcome, world. Other additions include a ton of word play and even some acronyms, popularized by the mainstream. Among my favorites are “girl crush,” “emoji,” “food baby,” “jorts,” “FOMO,” “fauxhawk,” “me time,” “srsly,” and “TL;DR,” which, as a girl who writes for the Internet, holds a special place in my heart. Abbreviations are even making their way into what is considered “acceptable” English vernacular with the addition of “apols,” short for “apologies” (popular in Britain). We’re close to a full abbreviation takeover, ladies. I can feel it in my bones. Language is ever-evolving. If we stick to it, the English language will have no choice but to accommodate its speakers, and we’ll never have to use a full word again.

To read a complete list of the newly added words (many of which I’ve never heard), click HERE.

[via NBC]

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