Two Girls Find Out They’re Dating The Same Guy, Dramatically Confront Him Together (Video)

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When I got cheated on (which time, amiright?), I handled it very responsibly. I slapped the guy in the face (not advised), I skipped school for a week (also not advised), and I call him and all of those bitches out on *Myspace* (again, not advised and also v. embarrassing). It wasn’t mature. And I regretted it later (sort of). But at the time? That shit felt good.

Recently two girls found out that that they were both dating the same guy. It seems like the idiot gave one of them the passcode of his phone, even though he was cheating — which is basically just asking to get caught. So once they found out that they were both being played, the girls got together, tricked him into coming over, and confront him, all while airing it on Facebook live.

Isn’t technology grand?

Honestly? This couldn’t have gone better. They got rid of some scumbag, they outed him on social media and destroyed his reputation, and odds are these two girls are going to become friends. Because yes, that’s actually how it works. Their only mistake? Not taking the Chinese food before they kicked him out. Overall, 9/10 ladies. Well done.

[via Elite Daily]

Image via Youtube

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