Two Men Stabbed For Denying Creeps Entrance To AGR Party

Two Men Stabbed For Denying Creeps Entrance To AGR Party

Alpha Gamma Rho at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo threw a party this weekend, as fraternities often do. When some sketchy guys (who, according to a tip were community college students, though this has not been confirmed) tried to get in. The fraternity did not let the two randos into their party, because fucking duh. Why would you let some strange dude into your house, ya know?

After being denied entry, the two young men got angryand attempted to start a fight with the fraternity, but it was quickly broken up. Later that night, unfortunately, the AGRs were walking home, when they were ambushed by, of course, their night-long nemeses. The two were both stabbed before their assailants fled the scene.

Both men have been treated and released from the hospital, but the suspects have not yet been identified.

[via KSBY]

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